about us


The Roosevelt Institute at Yale is the only student-run think tank on campus. The organization is divided into 6 policy centers focusing on: Economic Development, Education, Energy & The Environment, Equal Justice, Public Health, and Foreign Policy. 

our model

Each policy center partners with an established organization, like a think tank, a government agency, or a nonprofit, to conduct research into local or national policy. In the past, we have consulted with: The Brookings Institute, The Center for Strategic and International Studies, The Connecticut Policy Institute, New Haven Public Schools, and the Carnegie Institute. These organizations ensure that the research conducted by the Roosevelt Institute is either published or internally utilized by the partner organization.


Roosevelt National

The Roosevelt Institute at Yale is one of 120 chapters of the Roosevelt Institute, which extends across 38 states. While Roosevelt at Yale is devoted to the progressivism championed by Roosevelt National, our chapter consistently pursues ideas over ideology, and is unafraid to partner with individuals and institutions across the political spectrum in the pursuit of better policy.



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