Economic policy Center 


The Economic Policy Center is partnering with the City of New Haven’s Economic Development Department on our project. The aim is to determine if there is systemic bias in the assessment of property values between differing communities and asset categories. This is an underlying factor in the calculation of property tax, which is a major portion of the city’s budget. While every property is theoretically charged the same due to a uniform tax rate (or mill rate, currently $42.98 per $1000 assessed value), the actual amount is calculated based on an appraised value of the property, so discrepancies between this appraised value and the true value of properties affect the owner’s tax rate. The Center will start by researching relevant Federal and State tax laws, then analyzing the appraisal methodology used by the city, then come up with our own methodology to verify the results. 

Past Projects 

 The Economic Impact of Taxing Yale's Endowment

Dynamic Parking Pricing: A Solution for New Haven's Parking Crisis

Employment Growth in New Haven Since the Great Recession

Center Head: Bo You '20

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