Economic Development

Center Heads

Bo You - PC '18

Bo You is a sophomore in Pierson College, double-majoring in Statistics & Data Science and Economics. He was born in Beijing and moved first to Salt Lake City, Utah and then to Miami, Florida, where he graduated from Miami Palmetto Senior High School. Outside of the Roosevelt Institute, Bo participates on Yale’s Quizbowl team and Yale Launch. He has spent past summers doing research in the fields of Physical Chemistry, Industrial Engineering, and Chemical Engineering, and his work has been featured in Nature Materials. He enjoys watching movies and playing video games with his friends, doodling, and watching Game of Thrones.

Alex O'Neill - DC '20

Alex O'Neill is a sophomore and prospective history major in Davenport College. Alex grew up in New York City and attended the Horace Mann School for fifteen years before arriving at Yale. This will be his first semester as co-Head of the Economic Development Center at the Yale chapter of the Roosevelt Institute. Previously, Alex was a member of the Security and Foreign Policy Center for two semesters, during which he researched nuclear proliferation and the projection of Chinese military power throughout the Pacific. In addition to his work with Roosevelt, Alex is a member of the club rugby team and an online editor for The Politic. Outside of Yale, he is interested in military history, sports, and politics. After graduating, Alex plans to pursue a joint degree in law and policy.


Center Members:

Michelle Printsev

Angel Aguilera

Bibek Basnet

Spencer Marks

Nick Crosson

Jorge Colmenares

Yerick Reyes