Center Head

Sean Hackett - HC '20

Sean Hackett is a sophomore in Hopper College, tentatively majoring in Physics & Philosophy. He previously served on the International Development Center and now enters his first semester as head of the Education Center. Originally from Guilford, Connecticut, Sean has conducted policy research with the CT Department of Education. Last summer, he interned with an education NGO in Kuala Lumpur, developing software for native Malay speakers to learn English. Sean is a FOOT leader and enjoys taking hiking trips whenever possible. In his free time, he often participates in hackathons and plays squash.


Center Members:

Emil Friedman

Sal Rao

Stella Woo

Allen Chang

Jay Losty

Calvin McCafferty

Hannah Perlman

Michael Huang

Lindsey Combs

Kevin Lin


This semester, the Education Center will continue our investigation of state measures of school quality. At least in the beginning, we will resume our partnership with the Institute for Research and Reform in Education. There are two tracks we may take this semester:

A.   We will write policy proposals for each of the three states (NY, NJ, DC) using our data from last semester and then start a short-term literature review for the rest of the semester

B.   We will write a comprehensive review incorporating the data we mined into our final product

The route we will take, along with the specific research question, will be determined by the team as a whole, but some possible topics include: school evaluations and closures, standardization / standardized testing, funding systems, and school choice. I also think there are exciting opportunities this semester to engage with current politics, such as exploring one of Betsy DeVos’s controversial education reform ideas and engaging in the debate.