Center Head

Sean Hackett - HC '20

Sean Hackett is a sophomore in Hopper College, tentatively majoring in Physics & Philosophy. He previously served on the International Development Center and now enters his first semester as head of the Education Center. Originally from Guilford, Connecticut, Sean has conducted policy research with the CT Department of Education. Last summer, he interned with an education NGO in Kuala Lumpur, developing software for native Malay speakers to learn English. Sean is a FOOT leader and enjoys taking hiking trips whenever possible. In his free time, he often participates in hackathons and plays squash.


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In 2016, a Connecticut state judge determined in the case of CCJEF vs. Rell that the sharp inequities in the state’s education system, which occur mostly along the lines of race and income level, are unconstitutional. Despite being home to some of the highest performing school districts in the country, Connecticut fails to adequately provide for its low-income districts, which perform worse than the low-income districts in 40 other states. In 1969, the state passed legislation establishing the goal of improving educational equity and has, in the time since, established a network of magnet, technical, and charter schools intended to address this concern. This semester, we will consider the successes and shortcomings of this network of schools, with the intention of formulating policy recommendations for the Connecticut Department of Education and drawing conclusions relevant to national discussions concerning school choice.