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  This year’s Education Center will endeavor to examine research on mixed-income housing initiatives and communities in the educational context of Connecticut. We want to first examine how mixed-income housing has altered disparities based on race and socioeconomic outcomes for youth in those communities. We would then like to turn the question of social mobility (which has been covered recently by Chetty’s research in the NYTimes, reexaminations of Moving to Opportunity and other experiments, etc.) in order to consider whether educational outcomes in those areas might act as a mediator between mixed-income communities and greater social mobility. Furthermore, we will endeavor to examine this issue via an educational equity lens leading to two primary research questions:

         1) What impact have mixed-income housing initiatives in Connecticut made on educational disparities based on race and socioeconomic status?

         2) If, these mixed-income housing communities are correlated with improved educational outcomes, can education be said to be a mediator between mixed-income housing and greater social mobility?

         We will endeavor to incorporate both qualitative (literature review and interviews) and quantitative (exploratory data analysis, map-making, and regression analysis) in order to answer these questions.

Past projects 

Comparing Texan and National Textbooks

Strong School: An Attempted Case Study

Center Head: Jack Lattimore '20

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