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As public dollars for renewable energy projects across the nation have dwindled, states are
increasingly turning to new financing mechanisms to promote clean energy. Green banks, for
example, infuse public funds with private capital to fund new energy projects, in effect helping
to de-risk clean energy investments from the private sector. Connecticut was a leader in this
arena, establishing the nation’s first Green Bank in 2011 — but how has the model worked in the
past seven years, and particularly in light of budget cuts in recent years? This year, the Center for
Energy and the Environment will investigate the performance and efficacy of CT Green Bank
since it was established, analyzing the return on investments it has made and the impact it has
made on renewable energy infrastructure across the state. The Center will examine the degree to
which CT Green Bank has been successful in courting private partners, as well as compare
Connecticut’s performance with that of green banks in other states.

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Building Deconstruction in New Haven

Brownfield Factories

Center Head: Daniel Zhao '21

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