Energy and the Environment

Center Head

Pamela Torola - JE '18

Pamela Torola is a senior in Jonathan Edwards College majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with an interest in how the environment and health intersect. She is a tutor at New Haven Academy as well as at Bridges ESL. She is a member of the Women's Club Volleyball team and works for the City of New Haven on building a Climate and Sustainability Framework for the city and community. Pamela also works with New Haven Healthy City/Healthy Climate Challenge to spread awareness about climate change and health issues. In her spare time, she enjoys music, reading, running, volunteering at New Haven Farms, the outdoors, and eating oatmeal.


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The Energy and Environment Center will be partnering with the City of New Haven to evaluate and produce actionable climate change resiliency policy. This question is especially important given New Haven is a coastal city and the most vulnerable zones are populated by citizens least able to absorb the impact.