Equal Justice

Center Head

Abby Leonard - TC '21

Abby Leonard is a first-year in Trumbull from Carmel, Indiana--the roundabout capital of America. She is currently a prospective Political Science major with interests in comparative politics and international human rights. Outside of Roosevelt, she co-directs Unite against Sexual Assault Yale (USAY), writes for Broad Recognition, and does research for the Lowenstein Human Rights Clinic. In her spare time, she enjoys watching reruns of The Office, drinking an endless amount of tea, and dismantling the patriarchy.


Center Members:

This could be you. 


Sexual assault is a prevalent, if not prominent problem, on college campuses across the
United States. Lack of transparency in campus policies and crime reporting has been empirically
shown to contribute to the persistence of campus sexual assault. Yale University is not unlike its
peer institutions in suffering from opaque policies and inconsistent reporting. Thus, the research
team will address this issue of transparency by seeking to objectively analyze the alignment of
Yale’s campus sexual assault policies with federal and state legislation as well as student
perceptions. First, the research team will compare three prior Annual Security Reports of Yale
with current federal and state requirements. The first portion will attempt to show how Yale’s
policies are meeting legal standards. Second, the research team will compare Department of
Education crime statistics with those provided by the university. This second portion will attempt
to determine if there are any Clery Act violations with Yale’s sexual violence crime reporting.
Third, the research team will analyze the student responses in the Yale Campus Climate Survey
in comparison to the institution’s policies. This final portion will attempt to determine a potential
relationship between Yale’s policies and student experiences/ perceptions. Altogether, this meta-
analysis project will try to produce conclusions regarding Yale’s compliance with legal
requirements and implications regarding student perceptions of Yale’s sexual assault policies.