Public Health

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Hailey Yetman - DC '20

Hailey is a Neuroscience major in Davenport College from Boston, Massachusetts. Previously, Hailey served in the Public Health Center and is entering her first semester as Head of the Public Health Center. Outside of the Roosevelt Institute, Hailey is a member of Best Buddies, Special Olympics, the Club Lacrosse team, the Club Skeet and Trap team, and interns in a clinical research lab that studies regulation of craving in drug addicted patients. For fun, Hailey enjoys reading, running, and attempting to teach herself to play guitar.

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Recently, the opioid epidemic that the NYT named “the deadliest drug crisis in American History,” has been declared a national emergency. Current drug-related death rates in the United States have risen to almost 140% those of the next highest affected country, and Connecticut ranks 5th in most opioid-related visits to the Emergency Room. The opioid crisis has escalated rapidly due to the proliferation of opiates in various substances: opiates can be consumed both in the form of illicit street drugs and prescribed medications, like painkillers, that people are accustomed to consuming on a regular basis. In light of this, I am interested in examining New Haven’s role in this public health crisis, and uncovering the reasons that Connecticut is so disproportionately affected as compared to other states of comparable populations and demographics. I have contacted several local heroin and opiate crisis awareness organizations and intend on following up shortly. Information gleaned from this project would be helpful for state organizations, as therapeutic facilities and “half way” houses are overrun with the population of afflicted patients.