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The Foreign Policy Center will study U.S.-Russian nuclear arms control during the 2018-2019 academic year. Specifically, we will seek to answer the following question: What can we learn from the SALT I, START I, SORT, New START, and INF Treaties, and how can we apply that knowledge toward developing replacements for New START and INF? The project will contain three phases. The first involves analyzing past arms control agreements (SALT I, START I, and SORT) to determine their goals, key components, and ultimate success. Next, we will evaluate the deals that are currently in-force (New START and INF) as well as the general U.S.-Russian arms control climate at present. Finally, we will use our knowledge to propose a replacement for New START, which expires in 2021, and INF, which has been violated extensively and is expected to collapse if not addressed. We will conduct this research with guidance from researchers at Yale and the Harvard Kennedy School.

Past Projects 

Nuclear Terrorism: Case Studies in Chechnya and Kashmir (Brief)

Nuclear Terrorism: Case Studies in Chechnya and Kashmir (Presentation)

India's Grand Strategy (Brief)

India's Grand Strategy (Presentation)

The Migration Crisis

Center head: Alex O'neill '20

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