Security and Foreign Policy

Center heads

Julian Martin - BR '20

Julian is a freshman in Branford College from Brooklyn, New York. He is a prospective major in Global Affairs or Ethics, Politics, and Economics. Within these areas of study, he is particularly interested in Middle Eastern politics and U.S. foreign policy. Aside from Roosevelt, Julian is involved in the Yale Politic and the OneVoice Movement. He also likes to dance as part of Yale’s latin dance team Sabrosura and is an avid fan of the TV show Ballers.

Jacob Ly - ES '19

Jacob is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles, majoring in history and political science. He was previously a member of the Center for International Development. Outside of Roosevelt, he is a member of Yaledancers, Yale Ballet Company, and a writer for China Hands magazine.


Center Members:

Alex O’Neill

Mark Gustaferro

Juan Otoya Vanini

Elisabeth Siegel

Ariq Hatibie

Nic Harris

Douglas Hagemeister

Kushal Dev

Rachel Koh

Benjamin Rasmussen


This semester, the Center for Security and Foreign Policy will be conducting research of nuclear terrorism. Our project will focus on two specific case studies: Kashmir Province in India and Chechnya in Russia. We will be collecting background information on the nuclear capabilities of each country, as well as the tools and procedures implemented to secure these weapons. We will be evaluating the effectiveness of these policies and using this assessment to create a policy recommendation on nuclear security and terrorism for the international community.