Security and Foreign Policy

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Julian Martin - BR '20

Julian is a sophomore in Branford College from Brooklyn, New York. He is majoring in Global Affairs with a particular interest in Middle Eastern politics and U.S. foreign policy. Aside from Roosevelt, Julian is as assistant researcher for the Political Violence FieldLab at Yale and writes for the Yale Politic. Coming from NYC, he’s a long-time suffering fan of the New York Knicks.

Jacob Ly - ES '19

Jacob is a junior history major in Ezra Stiles and was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. His interests within SecFoPo stretch from multilateral institutions to the East Asia Region. Outside of Roosevelt, Jacob is a member of Yaledancers, China Hands Magazine, Matriculate, and Yale Ballet Company.


Center Members:

This could be you. 


This semester, Julian and I hope to continue our previous project on the UN Mechanism in the case of the Rwandan genocide. Our research last semester helped uncover the transition the transition from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) to the UN Mechanism in prosecuting the crimes from the Rwandan genocide. The work we’ve completed has compared the functions of the ICTR to the Mechanism, creating judgements on the Mechanism’s value based on its ability to continue the success of the ICTR and address the ICTR’s failures. This upcoming semester, we hope to narrow down on the Mechanism’s appeal cases, which should help provide a more accurate comparison between the Mechanism and other international courts that handle appeals. Because the Mechanism handles primarily appeals cases, SecFoPo will work to understand how appeals cases have been handled by international criminal institutions to evaluate the success of the Mechanism.